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How To Create Samsung Account in 2021?

The first question that arises in our mind is Why Samsung Account? Samsung account is a great deal of help when you are a Samsung brand user. It provides a universal link for all your Samsung devices. You can also have full access to your Samsung devices through a Samsung account established on your PC or laptop. Samsung account provides some incredible features such as Find my device, Samsung pay, Samsung cloud, synchronization, etc. In this article, We will certainly have a look into these features.

All you need to know about the Samsung account: Sign up and more!!

These are six easy steps to create Samsung account on your PC:

Step 1

First of all, just open your search engine (chrome, etc) and write “Samsung account” in the search bar. Click the first link shown on your screen, you would be directed to Samsung’s official site.

Step 2

On that page, you will get two options, Sign in and Create an account. You should click on create an account.

Samsung Account, create samsung account, samsung

Step 3

Thirdly, you would be provided with the company’s terms and conditions. Check them all and click on agree.

create samsung account, samsung

Step 4

Next, they will demand your details like (Name, email, the password for your Samsung account, etc). After filling the complete page, click on next.
Note: The password should contain 8 characters with mixed letters and with no repetition or consecutiveness.

create samsung account, samsung

Step 5

Further, would be verification of your Gmail account. A PIN would be sent to your Gmail account. Fill that PIN in the provided blank and then click on next.
Note: You can always resend the PIN if you didn’t receive it in your Gmail.

Step 6

Lastly, you can always go for the two-step verification to make your account more secure. In this step, you have an option to connect your number with your Samsung account. In case you forget your password you can always access your Samsung account through your number. You would also be provided with some printable backup codes, in case you have lost your mobile and you even don’t remember your password. You can use those codes to log in to your Samsung account.
Note: You cannot reuse the backup codes, one code can be used a single time only.

How to set up a Samsung account on your android?

To create an account through your android, you can simply follow the previously provided steps. Now I’m going to explain to you how to add an already established Samsung account to your android device. It can be done in six simple steps. It may look a little different in appearance for different devices but the procedure is the same.

Step 3

Now choose the option of Add account and you will see the list of accounts that can be added.
Note: Connected accounts will indicate with a green dot.

create samsung account, samsung

Step 4

Select a Samsung account from the list and choose the Sign-in option to connect an already established Samsung account.

create samsung account, samsung

Step 5

To summarize it: Settings > Cloud and accounts > Accounts > Samsung account.

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Step 6

The last important thing is to set your account to Auto-sync data.

create samsung account, samsung

Benefits of Samsung account:

Now let’s talk about the advantages of having a Samsung account. First I will name them and then walk you through them one by one.

Find my mobile

One of the incredible features integrated with the Samsung account. By using it you can pinpoint the current location of your device when your device is lost. You can also use it to unlock your phone if you are unable to remember your PIN or password.

Samsung cloud

Well, most of you would be well aware of the capabilities of a cloud storage system. It means that you can have an automatic backup for various important things like photos, contacts, data, and settings, etc. There is an option of automatic synchronization. You can also restore important documents, pictures, and contacts from the cloud to your device. These features of the Samsung cloud can only be used if you have a Samsung account.
Note: Recently, Samsung has announced to remove some of its cloud features. So you should start your search for an alternate of those features.

Samsung health

It is yet another wonderful app made by Samsung which helps you in keeping a check upon your health. It is available in 80 different languages.

Samsung themes

There are various dazzling themes and mind blowing apps available at the Samsung galaxy store which can only be fetched through a Samsung account.

Samsung pass and Samsung pay

Samsung pass is an app that keeps a track of your passwords so you never forget them. The second one is the Samsung pay. It is a digital wallet type of thing. You can handle your payments between Samsung devices by using this app.

S translator

It can translate various languages and is a very helpful tool to converse with people from various countries. It is incredible for people who want to run an international business.


If you want to become an artist then this platform is for you. It is like an artist community where you share your work and get liked or disliked for that.

Drawbacks of a Samsung account

To provide an authentic review, we should also dive into the disadvantages of using this account on your device. Some of them are as follow:

How to remove the Samsung account from your device?

Now, you are probably wondering that first I told you how to set up a Samsung account and now I am telling you how to remove it. That’s because it is another important thing to know if you want to sell your Samsung device. The procedure is rather similar to that of setting up the account. So, these are the steps to remove the Samsung account from your device:

Bottom Line

That’s all from my side. I hope you liked this little effort of mine. Do let me know your opinion about this blog in the comments section. Was it helpful for you or not?

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