How to Unlock Micromax Infinity N12?

If you are looking for How to unlock Micromax Infinity N12, you are at the right platform. Here, you can easily find ways to unlock the Micromax mobile phone if you have forgotten your password or PIN, or pattern.
In this article, we will provide a solution to the problem, how to unlock Micromax Infinity N12. These methods will not permit unauthentic users to get access to your phone. These methods will help the owner in times of need.

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We’ll help you reset your password or lock pattern for free. You can also unlock your device without losing data such as media files and contacts. We are not responsible for data loss.
unlock your locked device.

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How to Unlock Micromax Infinity N12 with Factory Reset?

If no method is working, you can use this method. However, every way works the same in every handset. This method is also useful, like other methods. But the only disadvantage of this method is that you will lose data once the device is reset. With the help of this process, you can also speed up your Mobile.
The steps to reset your Micromax Infinity N12 phone are written below:-

How to Unlock Micromax Infinity N12?
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Unlock Micromax Infinity N12 Phone with Google Account

You can unlock your Micromax Infinity N12 phone with your Google account. After continuous errors, you will be asked to enter your attached Google account. This method is quite safe and secure to unlock.
To unlock an Micromax Infinity N12 phone with Google login, do the following steps:

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Unlock Micromax Infinity N12 password with Android device manager

Android Device Manager is another great option to unlock your Micromax Infinity N12 . It does not require any application. You can use this method to unlock your Micromax Infinity N12 phone if you forget the password. You have to connect your Google account to the locked device. The process of using Android Device Manager is quite easy to use.
Here are the steps to unlock a Micromax Infinity N12 phone with Android device manager:

Step 1

Open your computer and visit the Android Device Manager website. Then log in with your Google account with all the required credentials.

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Step 2

Now choose your Micromax Infinity N12 phone version from the drop-down listing and click the lock choice.

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Step 3

Here place a new lock screen password, which you need to use from today onwards on your Micromax Infinity N12 phone.

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Step 4

In this step, take your own Micromax Infinity N12 device and enter the changed lock screen password. It can be open easily. One of the most important things is that you don’t need to be afraid of losing important data with the Android device manager method.

Unlock Micromax Infinity N12 with Google Security Questions

This method to unlock Micromax Infinity N12 phone will only works some models. If you see Google security issues on the lock screen, use it to unlock Micromax Infinity N12 Mobile.
Follow the steps written below:

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Unlock Micromax Infinity N12 with Android Multi Tools

You can use android tools and drivers to unlock your Micromax Infinity N12 phone, reset Gmail, remove pattern locks, remove PINs, and much more.

Clean Data with Android Multi Tools:

After linking your Mobile to the computer successfully, Follow the below steps.

Bottom Line

These were some answers to how to unlock Micromax Infinity N12 phone. Hoping these hints and tricks will help you to unlock your locked device. And also, you have saved your data from being erased.

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